Annual Sri Lankan Cultural Event, Sports City, Amman, Jordan:

These are pictures from the Annual Sri Lankan Cultural Event at Sports City on June 1st, 2012.  Hundreds of Sri Lankans gathered at Gate 8 to enjoy Sri  Lankan foods, fun activities, and cultural traditions. The Ambassador from the Sri Lankan Embassy participated in the opening of the festival by lighting the lamp in the traditional lamp lighting ceremony. Throughout the day there were costume contests, racing, musical chairs, and dancing among other activities. Many who attended the event also enjoyed sitting in the shade and talking with their friends and family. During the event, Tamkeen talked with people and passed out information about the rights of migrant workers in Jordan and how Tamkeen could help them if their rights had been violated. Tamkeen also passed out hats, pens, and notebooks for all to enjoy! These pictures were taken by Anael Aminot and other Tamkeen volunteers.

Speaking With Syrian Refugees in Atorra: 

Visit to the Ruins in Umm Qais:

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